EuroShop 2023 is rapidly approaching and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to preview some of the key products and services that we’ll be showcasing during the event.

Retail Wire Solutions

From metal hooks for suspending POS displays to dump bins for holding merchandise, we’re adept at producing high-quality wirework solutions quickly and efficiently.

Our wirework range encompasses various ceiling mounted and floor standing products, many of which offer a level of versatility and portability that make them perfect for the ever-changing retail environment.

Here are some of the wirework products that we’ll be showcasing during EuroShop:

Wire Dump Bins – Square & Rectangular

Wire dump bins, whether square or rectangular, are perfect for displaying products at the end of aisles or near checkouts.

The shelf can be adjusted to any height, catering for a variety of products, with the bins taking up to 30kgs (square) and 70kg (rectangular) in weight.

Wire Baskets with Wheels

Another way to encourage impulse buys is by using wire baskets with wheels.

These strong and convenient display solutions come with a range of useful features including adjustable height shelves so you can display any product effectively and castor wheels for easy relocation.

Stacking Baskets with Wheels

Our stacking basket sets with wheels allow you to maximise the visibility and accessibility of hard-to-stack goods.

These sets feature a sturdy frame that makes them ideal for holding numerous items, as well as a stackable design that can be configured to meet your requirements and wheels.

Acrylic Fabrication, Extrusion and Injection Moulding

We offer extensive acrylic fabrication, extrusion and injection moulding services and products, both via our in-house manufacturing facilities and our global production partners.

Our range includes shelf management products such as electronic shelf-edge label profiles, shelf risers and display racks, as well as counter display products such as sign holders and sign grippers. We also produce a range of bespoke solutions like acrylic cubes and bay risers.

Here are some of the acrylic fixtures and injection moulded solutions that we’ll be showcasing during EuroShop:

Electronic Shelf-Edge Label (ESL) Data Strips

Hold your ESLs securely along your shelf edges with our ESL data strips, available in a variety of lengths.

The strips are made from long-lasting, extruded material, providing both a reliable grip and a clear view of your products and ticket prices for customers.

Acrylic Cubes

Ideal for product ranges that include numerous small and hard-to-stack items, our acrylic cubes are the perfect display choice.

These cubes are strong, durable and made from transparent acrylic so that customers still have a clear view of every product. They’re also a great way to help particular products stand out.

Acrylic Bay Risers

Our acrylic bay risers will help you to display your soft furnishings and beddings with ease.

These risers not only hold soft products securely, but also free up shelf space as you can store items vertically. In addition, their curved design ensures customers can safely access your products whether stock is high or low.


We’re proud to champion sustainability at Harrison and many of our products reflect this ethos, particularly those in the Ecovision range.

Our current products include revolutionary cardboard Corr-A-Clips, with a selection of brand-new sustainable products launching at EuroShop, along with an exclusive, industry-leading service created to support our clients’ sustainability goals (more on both of those below).

Here’s one of the existing recyclable products that we’ll be showcasing during the show:

Ecovision® Cardboard Corr-A-Clip

The Ecovision® Cardboard Corr-A-Clip is one of Harrison’s leading innovations and the first of its kind on the market.

The clip consists of two pieces of recyclable and compostable cardboard, and can be used to construct FSDUs and Countertop Display Units.

Because it’s made from natural fibres, the clip decomposes within 90 days and can by recycled alongside the cardboard that makes up the unit.

This is just a snapshot of the products that we’ll be exhibiting at EuroShop. For further details, check out our exhibitor profile on the EuroShop website.

Exclusive launches at EuroShop

As mentioned above, there are a variety of exciting new services and products that we’ll be launching exclusively at EuroShop. Here’s a bit more about what you’ve got to look forward to when you visit our stand!

Do you want to be able to enjoy a greater selection of products made from sustainable materials? We’re expanding our range to include products made from alternative materials such as wood, ground coffee, rice husk composite, and more.

Looking for an easy and streamlined way to purchase POS products and display components? We’re launching a brand new service that can provide you with a bespoke solution.

Want to reduce your plastic waste? We’re also launching an exclusive, industry-leading service created specifically to support our clients’ sustainability goals.

We’ll be revealing more details about these services and products in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and keep checking back for updates!

To find out more about all of these exclusive new products and services, come along to our stand in Hall 4, Booth D17 or contact our retail team today on to book a meeting during the show.

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