The Simple Procurement Portal

Our bespoke Retaileze online portals are developed and tailored to help retailers simplify and streamline the purchasing process for POS products and display equipment solutions.

Whether you have store managers looking to replace a broken display component or a procurement team looking to invest in a new POS product, our tailored portals provide an efficient, user-friendly and personalised solution for retail brands.

We’ll work closely with you at every stage to develop a portal that provides all of the features and functionality you require, including the ability to integrate with your existing purchasing systems and processes.

User-friendly, informative and bespoke; a Retaileze portal offers a one-stop-shop for all of your POS and display purchasing needs.

Benefits Of A Retaileze Portal


All of the portals that we develop for our clients are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. They don’t require training to use and it’s easy to find the information you need or place an order.


Our portals contain a range of information about our products including images, full specifications and SKUs. This means users can identify the products they’re looking for quickly and easily.


Within our portals, users can see their chosen products, agreed rates, pack sizes, minimum order quantities and more, allowing them to make informed decisions about their purchases.


From the featured products and functionality to the layout and branding, our portals are completely bespoke and designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients every time.

Fast & Efficient

Our portals can increase efficiency and the customer experience by helping to speed up the purchasing and approval process. They also provide a central hub that multiple users can access whenever they need to.


We can integrate a client’s existing purchasing software or ERP with our portals, allowing products to be purchased directly via our system and helping to make the purchasing process more automated.

Examples Of Our Portals


The portal we produced for Dobbies allows their staff members to find POS and display equipment solutions quickly and easily, and order these for stores online.


B&Q required a portal that would act as an online catalogue, providing product images and specifications to staff members throughout UK stores.

Demonstration Portal

We have created a demonstration portal that showcases the variety of design and functionality that our bespoke procurement service can offer.


How We’ll Work With You

Phase One

We’ll work with you to identify and understand your POS needs, procurement processes, and how you’d like these to work going forward.

Phase Two

Next, we’ll develop and build your bespoke portal according to your requirements, before integrating with your purchasing software.

Phase Three

We’ll then agree a range of products that will be featured on the portal, as well as you’re required level of functionality.

Phase Four

Finally, your portal will be launched so that your teams can start to make the most of their optimised and simplified procurement process.

Other Brands We Work With

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