With ever-growing success, here at Harrison we recognise the significance of investing in manufacturing, machinery and automation.

Rapid business growth has allowed us to push forward with ambitious business goals, so we are excited to announce the incorporation of leading acrylic fabrication company United Manufacturing into the Harrison group.

As a major player in the acrylic fabrication market, United Manufacturing (previously known as United Plastics Ltd) have undergone an impressive rebrand project in order to pair extensive industry experience with Harrison’s innovative forward-thinking to form an exciting and progressive partnership.

Dedicated to providing creative solutions to any brief, large or small, for any industry, United Manufacturing use state-of-the-art design technology and in-house fabrication facilities to produce solutions of the highest standards with market-best lead times.

Our investment in a skilled partner workforce to support with manufacturing projects means the Harrison Group can more effectively offer tailored solutions for clients, drawing on United Manufacturing’s expert acrylic fabrication services:

Laser Cutting

For fine details, intricate designs and precision finishes, advanced laser cutters produce clean, high-gloss finishes for all acrylic applications.

Thermoforming & Bending

With no tooling required, line bending and material thermoforming techniques are highly effective options for achieving tight radius bends with acrylic sheets.

CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) ensures the highest standard of finish by using electro-mechanical devices to guide fabrication tools such as grinders and routers.


Using diamond polishing and flame polishing techniques, acrylic solutions will achieve the smoothest, high-shine edges for maximum impact applications.

By pushing forward with our manufacturing and automation investments, our clients can now maximise on bespoke acrylic fabrication services as well as the renowned Harrison experience as we continue to put clients at the heart of everything we do.

For more information on the services offered by United Manufacturing as part of the Harrison Group, head to the brand-new website today or get in touch with the team via info@unitedmanufacturing.co.uk 


It is no secret that the way consumers shop is rapidly shifting. With the rise of internet shopping and continuing pandemic impacts, retailers now need to do more than ever to earn customer footfall and make physical shopping experiences worthwhile.

There are many ways to improve the in-store experience and increase shopper engagement; a simple yet effective method is the introduction of standard and bespoke acrylic displays throughout stores.

Popularly used for displaying information, campaign and promotional material, acrylic displays provide a multitude of format options and are effective in ensuring brand recognition and getting displays noticed.

1. Encourage Brand Recognition and Trust

Not only is it essential to get shoppers into stores, retailers must then maximise on this opportunity to ensure brand recognition, customer loyalty and encourage return visits. Manufacturing bespoke acrylic displays can be pivotal in providing shoppers with the easy, helpful and immersive retail experience they cannot get from online shopping. 

Strategically placed standard acrylic displays, such as Pallet Sign Holders, will not only maintain shopper engagement with the brand throughout their visit by highlighting promotions and campaigns but also encourage new purchases, assuring the retailer’s position as a trusted influencing brand.

2. Simple Display Installation for Store Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits to installing bespoke acrylic displays in stores is that they can be designed and manufactured specifically for certain spaces and product areas throughout the store.

Custom acrylic displays therefore take installation into account during the design process to ensure that fitting the retail solution will be as simple, seamless and efficient as possible, maximising the use of store staff time.  

Acrylic Retail Countertop Sign Holder
Standard Acrylic Countertop Sign Holder

Many standard acrylic retail displays can simply be placed on countertops, hung in store windows or fixed to walls. Acrylics can also be incorporated into existing retail fixtures when exploring more bespoke manufacturing solutions

3. Technical Features of Acrylic

Used as a safer, more durable and therefore more sustainable option to glass, acrylic is a popular choice due to its shatterproof, weather-resistant and scratchproof qualities. 

Standard and bespoke acrylic displays are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing retailers to maximise brand recognition and promotional opportunities even before shoppers enter the store as well as throughout their visit.

Bespoke Magnetic Acrylic Display
Standard Acrylic Retail Display with Magnets

Acrylic is also a very malleable material and can be easily extruded to form any shape or size needed to create the ideal retail display. Custom acrylic displays can be crafted to incorporate additional components such as magnets which allow retailers to regularly update promotional material in the acrylic display without impacting its durability or longevity. 

Retailers have also favoured acrylic fixtures in ensuring staff and shopper safety following the recent pandemic.

How We Can Support Retailers

Whether for a major supermarket chain or a local convenience store, we design with the purpose in mind and can create a bespoke acrylic display solution for any retail environment. 

Using the latest CAD design technology with our experience and understanding of the pace of retail, our Product Development Team can rapidly produce entirely bespoke concepts and designs to suit your brief and any tight deadlines you may have.  

With our ability to develop and fabricate a multitude of bespoke retail and merchandising solutions for a range of industries including groceries, DIY and home furnishings, our technical retail experts will utilise their in-depth knowledge of acrylic fabrication to produce the highest standard retail solution for you with leading turnaround times. 

How We’ve Already Supported Dreams

Our expert teams worked with bed specialist, Dreams, who required two different bed display stands that would be subtle and compact to suit their busy bedroom furniture showrooms.  

Bespoke Acrylic Dreams Divan Display Stand
Bespoke Acrylic Divan Display Stands in Dreams Store

One of the bespoke acrylic stands we created was designed to fit beneath display mattresses throughout their stores for a sleek and minimal solution to display product information effectively. 

Bespoke Acrylic Dreams Divan Display Stand
CAD Image of Bespoke Acrylic Divan Display Stand

Our Product Development Team also produced an additional free-standing acrylic sign for various uses. Both custom acrylic solutions successfully fulfilled the client’s brief to be easy to install, move and regularly update with promotional signage.

With over 9000 of our acrylic stands produced, we rolled these our to all 200 Dreams stores across the UK.

For more information on our bespoke retail services or to speak to one of our experts about your brief, please get in touch with us.