With ever-growing success, here at Harrison we recognise the significance of investing in manufacturing, machinery and automation.

Rapid business growth has allowed us to push forward with ambitious business goals, so we are excited to announce the incorporation of leading acrylic fabrication company United Manufacturing into the Harrison group.

As a major player in the acrylic fabrication market, United Manufacturing (previously known as United Plastics Ltd) have undergone an impressive rebrand project in order to pair extensive industry experience with Harrison’s innovative forward-thinking to form an exciting and progressive partnership.

Dedicated to providing creative solutions to any brief, large or small, for any industry, United Manufacturing use state-of-the-art design technology and in-house fabrication facilities to produce solutions of the highest standards with market-best lead times.

Our investment in a skilled partner workforce to support with manufacturing projects means the Harrison Group can more effectively offer tailored solutions for clients, drawing on United Manufacturing’s expert acrylic fabrication services:

Laser Cutting

For fine details, intricate designs and precision finishes, advanced laser cutters produce clean, high-gloss finishes for all acrylic applications.

Thermoforming & Bending

With no tooling required, line bending and material thermoforming techniques are highly effective options for achieving tight radius bends with acrylic sheets.

CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) ensures the highest standard of finish by using electro-mechanical devices to guide fabrication tools such as grinders and routers.


Using diamond polishing and flame polishing techniques, acrylic solutions will achieve the smoothest, high-shine edges for maximum impact applications.

By pushing forward with our manufacturing and automation investments, our clients can now maximise on bespoke acrylic fabrication services as well as the renowned Harrison experience as we continue to put clients at the heart of everything we do.

For more information on the services offered by United Manufacturing as part of the Harrison Group, head to the brand-new website today or get in touch with the team via info@unitedmanufacturing.co.uk