It’s no secret that shops and supermarkets are being pushed to make refillable products more widely available.

According to Which?, 75% of consumers would consider buying refillable products but only 36% say they have actually seen them made available.

As industry leaders, we recognise the impact of the rising waste packaging problem so we work alongside small and major retailers on a shared mission to significantly reduce food waste and single use packaging from the food supply chain by offering sustainable retail innovations.

Designed and manufactured to the highest specifications using state-of-the-art technologies, we tailor our sustainable retail products to create the perfect solution to any brief.


BPA free and safe for food storage, REFILLED Gravity Dispensers house free-flowing products for customers to use which means that there is no packaging waste involved. Available in 6L10L and 13L capacities, these dispensers are perfect for any-sized store looking to improve its sustainability initiatives.

Easy to use, clean and install, our REFILLED Gravity Dispensers can be mounted to existing shelves or make use of our premade and bespoke designed shelving units. Also suitable for wall mounting, the dispensers can be fixed to any wall space or used in conjunction with our Bar Mount System to turn existing store shelving into a refill station.

We also offer a Catch Tray System which is designed to collect any overflow or spilled products, helping to eliminate in-store food wastage.

Ideal for hard-to-flow products, REFILLED Scoop Bins are also available for store refill stations. By naturally rotating stock levels as well as eliminating food packaging waste, these waste-conscious bins are available in 13L and 22L.

Store Fixturing

We offer store fixturing for your Gravity Dispensers and Scoop Bins, with a wide range of pre-made shelving stands or by liaising with our team of experts we can design a tailor made solution specifically for your brief.

Crafted from high-quality durable wood and metal, we will work alongside you every step of the way to create a fixture that is designed specifically with your store and customers in mind.

Contact our team today to find the perfect zero waste solution for your needs or email us via or check out our REFILLED product brochure or to download here for more details.