Co-op, which hosts over 2,500 stores across the UK, saw a 44% surge in retail crime last year and in response has resorted to installing 200 secure till kiosks, locked cabinets for bottles of spirits and AI technology to monitor its self-checkouts. 

To overcome the ongoing threat of theft, retailers can adopt point-of-sale (POS) and bespoke display solutions to help combat loss. 

Limiting product accessibility and shrinkage with store fixtures 

Anti-theft merchandising solutions are a great option for retailers; designed to limit product accessibility, making theft attempts more difficult, and reducing stock shrinkage. This includes products such as anti-sweep hooks designed to limit accessibility, making attempts at theft far more challenging and reducing stock shrinkage, as well as bespoke designed shipper surrounds to limit the number of high value items, such as alcohol, that can be removed from temporary display units at a time. 

However, it’s important to consider that every retail shop is different, hosting different loss prevention plans due to different product types sold and the branding and imaging of each retailer differing. Therefore, retailers must identify the right designer and producers of display fixtures which can provide a tailored approach to theft prevention solutions.  

At Harrison, we provide a range of bespoke anti-theft store display fixtures and merchandising solutions, including stock limiters, shipper surrounds, and shelving systems to enhance store security. 

By implementing POS and display solutions such as anti-theft hooks, shipper surrounds, and stock limiting systems, retailers can not only protect their high-value goods and increase profitability but also create a safer, more inviting shopping environment for customers. 

Developing a system that deters stealing 

It is important to recognise that bespoke display fixtures are just one of many ways retailers can help prevent theft and to develop a balanced system that deters stealing, retailers must install a combined approach. 

Adopting intelligent analytics is the best next step, as it can detect unusual behaviour, prompting real-time alerts. Analytics recognise patterns, movement and specific objects or behaviours, delivering insights beyond video footage.  

Other solutions include the addition of more security guards, an increase in EAS systems and RFID tags, facial recognition systems, and signage displaying the consequences of theft.  

Your loss-prevention partner 

Our forward-thinking and proactive approach to projects is why retailers are turning to us to combat stock shrinkage. We don’t simply offer products; we collaborate with our clients by understanding your unique challenges. From concept to completion, we will tailor solutions that work for you.  

Specialising in three focal areas: beers, wines, and spirits; healthcare and beauty; and household, we’re tackling the sectors facing the highest rates of theft.  

We have developed fixtures and systems that limit accessibility to high-value merchandise and minimise the volume of product that can be removed from displays. Some systems even incorporate sound-emitting features, acting as deterrents for thieves.  

By partnering with Harrison, you are investing in the future success of your business. Our expertise and creativity ensure that your merchandise is protected, and your profits secure.  

So, are you ready to regain control of your retail environment? Contact our team of experts today to discuss your brief.  Email or call us on +44 (0)1451 830083.