Keen to explore the possible cost-saving benefits of replacing in-store paper price tickets with Electronic Shelf Edge Labels (ESELs), Morrisons sought a solution to securely hold their digital price labels in place on the shelf.

Morrisons contacted Harrison in 2019 to discuss their requirements and the challenge of fitting an ESEL to a conventional plastic data strip.  Our product development team visited the York store to observe the solutions their team had already tried such as mounting a secondary ESEL data strip to a paper data strip, quickly realising a bespoke solution was required.

A winning combination

After many months of store visits, and designing and testing possible options, we presented a solution that would securely fit store shelves and hold their ESELs. Bingo!

Morrisons digital data strips

Seven stores and counting…

A trial of the new ESEL data strips commenced, beginning in the York store and rolling out to six other stores including Thornbury, Camden and Wood Green.

Product Development Manager, Douglas Cook, is excited to see Morrisons roll out the new data strips, and says, “Our bespoke data strips hold ESELs in different areas of their stores including produce, ambient, Market Street, refrigerated, BWS, and petrol fillings stations. Each area required different solutions, which we’ve designed and and improved over the last two years.

“I feel enormously proud to work with the product development team to create a unique solution to a problem. ESELs are commonplace in European retail stores, but the UK has been a little slow to adopt the digital technology which enables dynamic pricing to be controlled centrally from a head office location, saving a considerable amount of time and money in store.”

Morrisons will continue to trial the ESEL data strips throughout 2022 to determine the precise cost/time-saving benefit of digitising all price tickets in their 500+ stores.

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