This increases the chances of customers being deterred from returning and shifting their brand loyalty, while causing delays as in-store staff check and rectify any discrepancies. 

To resolve this, retailers can deploy ESLs to save time and improve pricing accuracy. ESLs can be updated in real-time, eliminating the need for employees to manually print new labels and change the product information on the shelf. 

ESL Data Strips, coupled with electronic shelf-edge labels, have the potential to reshape the way retailers operate, providing an efficient, modern solution to pricing and product information display. 

What are the standout features of ESL Data Strips? 

Electronic shelf labels are battery-powered displays which exhibit information such as pricing, portion size, product details and inventory status. They operate by sending and receiving information in line with the store network through Bluetooth or wireless connections.

This enables ESLs to be updated in real-time, eliminating the need for printing new labelling whenever there’s a price or product adjustment. 

While ESLs have been around for some time, unlike the first generation of ESLs which focused on pricing updates, newer generations support additional retail use cases. New innovations include an increase in the number of shelf label pages supported, a greater variety of ESL form sizes, faster update speeds, higher resolution displays and better resistance to fluctuating temperatures in store. 

At Harrison, we provide a range of ESL data strips to allow stores to accurately place their ESLs in their desired location across their stores. The quality and strength of a data strip is vital to ensure ESLs stay in place and are not damaged.

Our data strips are made from long-lasting, UV-stable, extruded plastic to ensure consistent high-quality and elevate the shopper experience with sleek fixtures in line with modern pricing displays.  

Shelf-edge technology and improved customer satisfaction 

One of the most important elements for retailers to consider when they’re updating their stores is customer loyalty. ESLs can help retailers enhance that loyalty by allowing them to go further with customer support. 

Modern ESLs combined with Near Field Communication (NFC) and Quick Response (QR) codes go beyond displaying simple pricing information. Now, they can display additional insights such as nutritional/allergen information, stock updates, product reviews and different currency exchange rates.

This information can go a long way towards improving the customer experience, and ultimately, bolstering loyalty to a particular brand.  

Increasing the efficiency of in-store workers 

The shop floor is a demanding environment, particularly during peak times such as weekends. Therefore, it’s essential that employees are able to put their time and attention to shop floor maintenance and helping customers.  

ESLs automate time consuming tasks such as price and promotion changes. This is one of the most time-consuming tasks in any retail store, with in-store workers printing fresh labels for each section.

ESLs can automate pricing labels, allowing store workers to focus on improving customer service and doing more rewarding tasks, heightening the levels of job satisfaction, and reducing staff turnover. 

Sustainable benefits and reduction in paper use 

It is estimated that 180,000 tons of label waste is sent to UK landfill sites each year. The digital nature of electronic shelf labels eliminates the need for paper labels and printers in-store, enhancing sustainable output. 

Additionally, ESLs can now display a range of sustainable information about carbon footprint, energy rating, recycling, and source materials, allowing consumers to be aware of the impact the product they’re purchasing has on the environment. 

Evolving on-shelf digital labelling technologies allow retailers to be more transparent with their customers and establish trust through accurate pricing.

ESLs benefit retail stores by enhancing product price accuracy and customer satisfaction. As the competitive nature of the retail sector continues to surge, retailers can stay one step ahead by introducing on-shelf technologies. 

To explore our extensive range of ESL fixtures and accessories, browse the comprehensive ESL profile guide or contact one of our retail experts today.