Mole Vally Farmers were in need of a standardised sourcing process for shopping trolleys to ensure that branding was consistent throughout their estate for vital customer touchpoints.

The Challenge

  • Store managers across Mole Valley sites were taking responsibility for individually sourcing trolleys for each store.
  • Branding was not upheld across the estate as equipment was not standardised.
  • Costings were much higher than necessary and inconsistent across the business.

The trollies we received are great and have brought a more modern and up-to-date feel to the store. They are robust and good quality, we have had lots of positive ...


Store Manager

Our Solution

  • We offered a way to centralise procurement and standardise prices for Mole Valley's shopping trolleys.
  • We sourced two variations of high-quality, durable European-made trolleys.
  • Both variations, the standard shopper and the flatbed shopping trolley, were uniform and aided brand recognition.

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The Results

  • We now provide Mole Valley with a streamlined process for ordering new and replacement trolleys.
  • With no minimum order quantity, Mole Valley can order as many or as few shopping trolleys as required.
  • Branding across this initial customer touchpoint is now consistent and reinforced across the estate.
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