Bumper Rail Installation Instructions

This detailed guide provides step-by-step directions to ensure a seamless installation process, so that you can confidently set up your Bumper Rail in-store.

  1. Prepare each end of the bumper rail by setting the fixings 40mm in from each end, using the locator groove on the bottom part of the rail to position them correctly.

2. Align the top of the bumper rail to the highest possible flat point on the edge of the shelf, beneath the ESL rail (the red line in the image shows the optimum position). Centralise the rail within the width of the bay, leaving a gap on the left and right where necessary.

3. Fix the bumper rail at each end, while ensuring the rail remains at the correct height. Remove any PVC strands from around the installation points.

4. Once the ends are secured, set the remaining 2 fixings 450mm in from each end. Ensure the top of the rail is aligned correctly before fixing it to the shelf. Please note that pressure may need to be applied to the middle of the rail in order to ensure it remains in the right position during the fixing process (see the red line on the image for the optimum alignment). Remove any PVC stands from around the installation points.

5. To complete the installation, clean the rails of any material strands and ensure it is securely fixed along the lengths